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Whether you're looking to revamp your business operations, or just keep up with the latest technological challenges, we can help! Our comprehensive Enterprise IT Solutions are designed to boost your business operations, and ensure that you have all the support you need to meet these challenges. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and goals, then develop strategies and solutions that will help them achieve those goals.

Setup Network

Wired and wireless infrastructure for hospitals, retirement homes and hotels

Installing Cabling Infrastructure

For hospital, retirement homes and hotels

Setup Hospitality TV Solutions

LG TV solutions setup for hospitality

Total ELV Solutions

Total ELV solutions partner- CCTV, PA Systems, SAMTV solutions PABX and Card Access

Network Infrastructure


Network infrastructure – hardware and software resources of an entire network that enable connectivity, communication, operations and management of business’ network.

Why Use Network Infrastructure?

Having a strong and reliable network infrastructure is the foundation of a healthy and successful business. It will benefit in:

  • Significant improvement of user experience
  • Minimizing downtime and maximizing employees’ productivity and efficiency
  • Enhanced security and protection against various threats
  • Scalability of the software that ensures consistent operational cost

Network Monitoring


Business must keep network infrastructure up to date and operating at the highest level possible to avoid network fail that could result in downtime and affect your business.

Top-notch Network Monitoring

We offer extensive service of network monitoring that able to react swiftly to any network problems come your way! Services include:

  • Team of experts in business strategy, communications, NOC support and more
  • Customized network monitoring software for each client
  • Supervision of devices, bandwidth usage, network and server administration, and application performance in one secure platform
  • Inspection, managing, and reporting of network traffic application

Computing Infrastructure


Professionally reshape your business towards digital future with authentic computing infrastructure that suit your corporate image.

State-of-the-art Computing Infrastructure

Our team have a vast collective set of skills and expertise in the Computing Infrastructure areas involving:


  • Storage Area Networks like servers, networking and storage devices, databases, personal computers, switches, etc.


  • The applications used by business such as web servers and storage services, ERP Administration and the OS.


  • Internet connectivity, network enablement, firewalls and security, also hardware like routers, switches, and cables.

Data Storage


The advancements in technology have made it easy for business and private data storage to hold vast amounts of information at an inexpensive cost.

Highly Secured Data Storage Solutions

The world of data storage is continuously evolving. This innovation can provide forward-thinking and comprehensive solutions for businesses that need to store a large volume of sensitive information. With our designated storage solutions, your business will ultimately enjoy:

  • Reliable data preservation
  • Data continuity and accessibility
  • Quicker and easier data recovery
  • Flexible price points and capacity options
  • Effective security for protected files

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